Baiona (Spain), 14-19 September, 2014


Spanish National Research Council (CSIC)

Bioengineering Group

CSIC is the largest public multidisciplinary research organisation in Spain. The Bioengineering Group has long term expertise in managing human-machine interaction, HMI (a basic element in MNP and NR devices for restoring physical impairment). In cognitive HMI, CSIC has particular expertise in algorithms for processing bioelectrical activity (EEG, EMG) and biomechanical information (IMUs). In the area of physical HMI, CSIC has developed several functional compensation systems (tremor, gait support, assistance to CP kids) based on robot-human interaction.

Prof. José Luis Pons
Dr. Rafael Raya
Dr. José González
Mrs. Pilar Raya
Bioengineering group
Spanish Council for Scientific Research (CSIC)

Carlos III University

Robotics Lab of the Department of Systems Engineering and Automation

The Robotics Lab group has long term expertise in Robotics and control systems. The group has contributed with outstanding results in motion planning and control manipulators and mobile robots. Members of the Robotics Lab have developed research projects related to various Rehabilitation Robotic Systems. Recently research has also been done in emerging actuator technologies such as actuator design using electro-active materials, bio-inspired EAP actuators design or IPCM actuators. Robotics Lab has particular expertise in algorithms for control systems.

Prof. Luis Moreno
Carlos III University


Biorobotics Department

The Biorobotics Department in the Health and Quality of life unit of Fatronik-Tecnalia is a research group active in the fields of neuro-rehabilitation, ageing and disability. It includes research, development, prototyping and testing of novel rehabilitation systems and assessment tools including rehabilitation robotics for lower and upper extremities, balance and gait support systems, active orthoses, neuroprostheses based on functional electrical stimulation (FES), human movement analysis systems, new EMG and EEG technologies, and novel multimodal human-machine interfaces.

Dr. Thierry Keller


Department of New Materials and Energy Department

CIDETEC, a Technology Centre belonging to the IK4 Research Alliance, specialises in generating and transferring knowledge and technology in the areas of materials, surfaces and energy. Their mission is to enhance business competitiveness and capacity for innovation through the development of new products and processes.

Dr. Oscar Miguel
Dr. Jaime Herranz